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P R I V A T E.   O F F I C E S

M A D A B U S H I    N A R A Y A N A N    G O S A K A N

The EMFAM OFFICES is a centralised management office to the ventures owned and promoted by Gosakan Narayanan. 

An investment company with a global range of partnerships and institutional investors; the EMFAM owns and operates a series of ventures that focus on active direct investments in the capital markets. 


Axon Capital

Capital Markets & Active Direct Investments; Axon is domiciled in London UK, while the Regulatory Funds are domiciled inMalta, EU. Capitalised by Institutional Investors; Axon invests in a specialised joint venture fund with one of Asia's largest listed securities trading house. Capitalised by one of the world's leading banking network; Axon offers a highly specialised market segment for Institutional Partners worldwide.



Axon Estates

A fully owned Real Estate Acquisitions & Development Investment vehicle housed under the Axon Capital Umbrella Structure. 

AX' Estates are managed by Axon Capital, London UK. 



A globally amalgamated platform domiciled in Bangalore, India; RIEN is a core hard asset management and development-management platform. An infrastructure house with a massive network of development partners; RIEN specialises in Infrastructure asset underwriting and management alongside a specialised development platform.

Established in 1976, EMMAR is domiciled in India and was founded as a family owned business with a core focus in industrial and infrastructure integrated solutions. 


Founded by M.R. Narayanan and Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan; Emmar was restructured as a sophisticated family office; promoted by second generation entrepreneur; Gosakan Narayanan. 


The Emmar Family Offices was established to create a bespoke management schedule to ventures owned by Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan [Principal]. 


The expertise of EMMAR lies in its capacities to establish and manage critical path infrastructures for industrial and public domain growth. With a vast experience in Urban Transit, Logistics, Metallurgy and Finished Goods and Commodities; Emmar brings with it a legacy of over 400 Turnkey Integrations managed over 4 decades of its history. 


The EMFAM Offices bring with it a new ideology of creating a bridge between the capital markets and the infrastructure investment regimes through strong underwriting processes incorporated for transparent and iron-clad investment management structures. 

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