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Est. 1976

Our core capabilities speak to the creation of specialised ventures with a global outlook. The key to investments is our capacity to work in tandem with global capital markets; a purview undertaken to manage a global need of alternative capital; capital that is flexible while being well defined & risk mitigated. The ventures are poised in a manner to providing our investor base access to global assets and underlying pools and portfolios of highly potent derivatives; while keeping the highest degree of underwriting capacities to risk transfer, manage and providing our investor base for secure fixed income potential while investing in mid-high yield portfolios. 

Gosakan Narayanan


Gosakan Narayanan

Private Investments & Ventures

Private Family Offices of Gosakan Narayanan; Emmar Family Offices is a portfolio and capital markets investor focused on both the equity & debt capital markets. 

The family offices solely manage the Family trust and its interests spanning a multi-strategy approach in investments. 

The Family Offices do not manage any retail or public funds and is a fully private entity with underlying alternative investment strategies, funds and venture capital structures for the enhancement and management of the family wealth. The Family Offices also manage the global ventures owned by the Promoter. 


The Emmar History

The Emmar Family Offices was established in the year 1976 by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan as a family business. The Company was established as Emmar Machine Tools and has remained one of India's pioneers in introducing European Automation Technology for high production solutions to the Indian Railways, Defence, R&D, Steel, Power and Energy Industries. Emmar's contribution to the growth of the Indian Industrial markets is well recognised by most public sector units owned by the Government Of India. The Restructuring of the company was established in the year 2013 as the Emmar Family Offices., in Singapore & India The Family Offices boasts of a major collaborative approach with one of Asia's largest banking conglomerates and is an active investor to the Family's interests in Acquisitions, Investments globally. 


Developing The Future...

Origination of Tactical Capital  in these years have been a crucial change-of-course, much needed to feed the global rate of development of research, technology & banking mar Many of the worlds largest families, corporations & even Treasuries and their Managers or Offices look for strategic capital availability that assist in recapitalization programs alongside a growing need for luxury lifestyle management and infrastructure developments. The search for bespoke investors and the volatility of the Global Markets in these times of market variations in shorter intervals as compared to mid 90s and the early 2000s has given rise to the ideology of our Private Offices. Catering a sophisticated and informed market space, Emmar actively invests in Holding trusts, Synthetic Vehicles, Asset Backed Securities and other Capital Market instruments & derivatives that are typically alternative to the Qualified Institutional Investors. Our capacities to access our capital partners with our extremely strong management unit with Swiss history & precision; allows to remain the best in the markets of Active Investors. Fast decisions and our capacities to work on structured markets of Convertibles allows us to target high value transactions with ease. 


The Family Offices...

Emmar was restructured a Private & Single Family Office to manage the "EMMAR" Family Wealth, Businesses/Ventures, Investments & Assets. The restructure was identified and initiated by Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan, the second generation to the Founding Members of Emmar. The Emmar Family Offices was established to creating a new outlook and ideology to the Family's business interests. The Family wealth was generated from the business it conducted and the Family has reinvested to developing other ventures underlying. The Family Offices is structured as a consolidated umbrella management & administrative unit apart from being the umbrella holding to underlying funds & sub-funds for strategic investments into a select market spectrum. 


Venture Holdings

The Emmar Family Offices operates its global businesses and holdings through its offshore centralised holding company; Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings Ltd. 

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Global consolidated holding company operating a range of institutional investment platforms, funds, brokerage & structured product compartments.

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