Emmar owned Investment Trusts & Vehicles are capitalised by North American, European & Asian Capital Markets. With a select institutional base of Investors; Emmar owned investment umbrellas issue and manage a wide range of structured products and host a state of the art financial infrastructure to manage a range of underlying liquid & illiquid asset base. Our Institutional portfolio issuances & management module allows some of our major banking & institutional investor platforms to access an alternative market space delivering tactical liquidity for growth of our asset base under management. 

OTC Derivatives ranging asset backed securities, synthetic trusts & holding portfolios, securitized bonds & notes, forwards, swaps & exotics, compulsory convertible notes, equity & debt linked, insurance linked securities, collateralized debt, fund, mortgage options; specialised portfolio establishments & securitized instruments, cash dominant portfolio repacs

Investing in a wide range of OTC & Secondary Market Instruments; Emmar's asset manager & executions partner; Swiss Providential provides a full service regulated asset management & execution infrastructure & back office module. With our capacities to manage a wide range of assets and securities issued globally and our end to end product that provides our liquid & illiquid asset base a complete access to our debt markets and institutional base; Emmar is a boutique yet strong investor in the world markets. 

Alternative Capital Markets; non traditional structures and market diversity has been the core ideology of the Emmar Family Offices. Promoting our sophisticated structures to underwrite and provide our investors with risk managed capital market instruments with underlying asset backed securities and asset portfolios under management has made our institution a unique active investor in the global market space.