Swiss Providential Trust

Established in 1931, Swiss Providential Trust AG is one of the oldest hybrid financial institution in Switzerland

Swiss Providential offers the Emmar Family Offices and our Private Investment Vehicles a single market entry point and provides a comprehensive suite of products and services across all asset classes and markets.

Capital Access

Swiss Providential provides the Family Offices with direct access to its Institutional Investors through Structured Products tailored to the bespoke need of our Investment & Acquisition Vehicles

Investment Management

Full services from Swiss Providential allows us to create & manage regulated compartments, funds & Asset Allocation structures & modules seamlessly


In conjunction with some of the worlds largest banking partners; Swiss Providential   provides the family offices with full custody and execution services to its asset base & portfolios

Solutions & Infrastructure

Swiss Providential provides the family offices market leading trading, financing, leveraging, structuring, securities administration and custody platforms and solutions.

Financing Structures

Swiss Providential with a global capital markets delivers an array of structured financing solutions across liquid asset financing, equity stake financing and less liquid assets tailored to each specific transaction type and module. 

Credit Enhancements

Swiss Providential and its partner banking network offers the Family Offices with requisite credit risk underwriting & credit enhancement facilities to securing our institutional debt capital market partners worldwide. 


Swiss Providential offers one of the finest and most flexible products for Structured & OTC Derivatives



Swiss Providential offers a full range of debt origination and distribution services. In conjunction with global banking partnerships & full service investment banking integrations; the DCM has a  flawless execution and a flexible approach  and access to a broad base of  Institutional Investors