Pioneer Industrial Technology & Integrations Company; India's premier Industrial Growth contributor, Emmar is a Family owned company with a revamped growth module, now restructured as a global investor & Management company. 


Private Office of Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan; domiciled in India; the EMFAM OFFICES manage a global range of ventures owned by the Family. 



The Emmar Family Offices was established in the year 1976 by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan as a family business. The Company was established as Emmar Machine Tools and has remained one of India's pioneers in introducing European Automation Technology for high production solutions to the Indian Railways, Defence, R&D, Steel, Power and Energy Industries. Emmar's contribution to the growth of the Indian Industrial markets is well recognised by most public sector units owned by the Government Of India. The Restructuring of the company was established in the year 2013 as the Emmar Family Offices Pte. Ltd., in Singapore. The Family Offices boasts of a major collaborative approach with one of Asia's largest banking conglomerates and is an active investor to the Family's interests in Acquisitions, Investments globally. 




LEI NUMBER : 984500FC8C7BEO8D4608


This website and content is owned solely by Emmar Family Offices LLP; Bangalore, India. The EMMAR FAMILY OFFICES is a Single Family Office; it does not provide Family Office services or solutions to external retail or family owned investment houses. EMMAR solely services Madabushi Narayanan Gosakan and is also held as the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner on ventures owned by Gosakan Narayanan & Family. The Business Operations are operated on a global scale with offices in Singapore, London, Switzerland and Base Domicile in Bangalore, India. 

We do not offer investment advisory nor does this website or any marketing kits issued by the Family solicit any business of any form. For accessing our investment house please click here. 

Please note that each of our ventures are operated independently while the consolidation of accounting, taxations, recruitments are managed by the Family Offices. If you wish to proceed; we strongly recommend you view our DISCLAIMER prior to learning more. 




Multi-Strategy Investments

Global Multi Strategy Investments; Emmar is one of India's premiere Family Offices. Unique construction of portfolios and solely managing its private wealth along with a high degree of impact investments ideology and positions. Our current global purview exceeds 30 Billion USD. 


Bespoke Capital

Investing in a range of structured credit markets, debt instruments & hybrids. Securities range from the markets of infrastructure, real estate & institutional capital markets. Asset Backed Securities, Collateralized Obligations [Debt, Loan, Mortgage or Funds]; Convertibles and Default Swaps [Index].  

Cash flow priority to analysis in strategies adopted for management of structural complexity. Our global investments are developed on stringent guidelines to selection & construction of portfolios. 

Our core capabilities speak to the creation of specialised ventures with a global outlook. The key to investments is our capacity to work in tandem with global capital markets; a purview undertaken to manage a global need of alternative capital; capital that is flexible while being well defined & risk mitigated. The ventures are poised in a manner to providing our investor base access to global assets and underlying pools and portfolios of highly potent derivatives; while keeping the highest degree of underwriting capacities to risk transfer, manage and providing our investor base for secure fixed income potential while investing in mid-high yield portfolios. 

Gosakan Narayanan