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Acquisitions of global power, energy assets. GNC's ALTERNATIONS ; a structured fund of hedge with underlying White Label Funds managed under FCA, FINRA Licensing and Investment Management; our platform is focused on global assets with strong operation & maintenance. Alternations hosts regulated desks for a range of structured instruments ranging Securitized Products & ABS issuance with convertible options to listed corporation and primary issuances. Know More


Our institutional desks allow us to buy-sell trade & manage a diverse portfolio of assets originating in the capital markets. Ranging medium term notes, bonds, equities, structured products and portfolio pools of obligations; GNCH owned buy-sell platforms are hosted through a regulatory network of custody and prime brokerage modules. 


Our in-house modules host a diverse structure with a global range of regulated partnerships allowing us to invest in the capital markets on both liquid and illiquid securities, commodities & bespoke issuances. 

Our global desks operate with a network of regulated prime brokerage desks alongside our own fund of funds that allow us strategic access to capital. Our unique capacities include a strategic partnership base with a diverse QIB network allowing us a large liquidity base. 


Our advisory services are provided through a range of our regulated network of partners including & not restricted to formation of bespoke funds and specialised issuance vehicles that allow us to create an end to end solution for corporations and institutions to package or repackage their portfolio assets, debt pools and other cash priority assets underlying. GNC Advisory brings together a global range of products to underwriting, credit risk & credit default management alongside a specialised range of pass through securities for guarantees and enhancement, principal & coupon protection; insurance & re-insurance products; establishment & issuance of regulated securities & management. 

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Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings own & operate a range of businesses under its umbrella. Our businesses range from Capital Markets Buy-Sell Management & Trade to Structured Bespoke Advisory, Investments & Acquisitions. Our revenue generation is based on modules of investment holdings and integrated solutions that offer institutional quality management structures & bespoke products that allow for global liquidity access through our network. 


The Liquid Desk owned solely by Alternations is a capital markets desk that offers liquidity against structured debt & equity linked securities originated with underlying cash priority packages & portfolio pools. Our global range of prime desks & banking partnerships alongside a network of institutional qualified investors allows us to work & invest in both complex structured issuances alongside standard secondary market issuances. 


Luxury Hospitality Assets are a core focus area to our global investment ideology. Our real estate investments range from both the asset markets to structured securities & portfolio vehicles in the capital markets. 

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Regulated Alternative Ventures & Exotics; Specialised fund investing in young companies driven by our underlying management vehicles. A structured fund investing in alternative markets spanning entertainment, multimedia.



The Emmar Family Offices was established in the year 1976 by Mr. M.R. Narayanan & Mrs. Nirmala Narayanan as a family business. The Company was established as Emmar Machine Tools and has remained one of India's pioneers in introducing European Automation Technology for high production solutions to the Indian Railways, Defence, R&D, Steel, Power and Energy Industries. Emmar's contribution to the growth of the Indian Industrial markets is well recognised by most public sector units owned by the Government Of India. The Restructuring of the company was established in the year 2013 as the Emmar Family Offices Pte. Ltd., in Singapore. The Family Offices boasts of a major collaborative approach with one of Asia's largest banking conglomerates and is an active investor to the Family's interests in Acquisitions, Investments globally. 






Fully owned platform of the GNCH; AlternationsTech, is a bespoke acquisitions & development platform. Registered and managed as a Fund of Hedge; AlternationsTech utilises its underlying vertical integrations with specialized focus initiatives in Infrastructure, Real Estate & Financial Assets. 
Alternations is an institutional active investment platform and is capitalized by global debt & equity capital markets. 





Dominion Capital Corporation Ltd., a jointly held Capital Markets company; is an integrated debt & equity markets administration and management company. The DCC is an umbrella holding of the Family Office ventures specialised in providing structured placement solutions to debt and equity market issuances & liquidity offers. 




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The EMFAM owned Fund of Hedge; ALTERNATIONS TECH; invests in global assets through a series of underlying specialised investment & acquisition companies held & managed under our white label and managed by a fully regulated investment management umbrella allowing us to fully regulate under a multitude of governing bodies with special purpose funds & vehicles established in requisite domiciles. Our investment management structures are governed in the North American Markets under the SEC, EU under FINRA and UK under the FCA. Our Private Family Office invests from the Singapore domicile. Our investment strategy ranges from Securities of Commodities; Corporations and Banking Institutions. 



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Multi-Strategy Investments

Global Multi Strategy Investments; Emmar is one of India's premiere Family Offices. Unique construction of portfolios and solely managing its private wealth along with a high degree of impact investments ideology and positions. Our current global purview exceeds 3 Billion USD. 

Structured Credit

Investing in a range of structured credit markets, debt instruments & hybrids. Securities range from the markets of infrastructure, real estate & institutional capital markets. Asset Backed Securities, Collateralized Obligations [Debt, Loan, Mortgage or Funds]; Convertibles and Default Swaps [Index].  

Cash flow priority to analysis in strategies adopted for management of structural complexity. Our global investments are developed on stringent guidelines to selection & construction of portfolios. 


Income producing debt & preferred equity capital market instruments; a wide range across the markets in bonds [corporate, treasury & securitized], medium & long term notes; structured issuances; bespoke convertibles and acquisition modules. 

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The GNCH has a core focused approach to acquiring global yielding assets in Infrastructure, Real Estate alongside structured underlying desks to acquire institutions in banking & asset management as part of our synthetic growth module. With large access to global capital and integrated structures to regulated positions; we have a diverse outlook to our portfolio construct under our holding module. All acquisitions are managed through our bespoke investment vehicle AlternationsTech. 


With a large access to institutional capital; GNCH hosts underlying specialised vehicles investing in capital market instruments. A focus is initiated into a range of fixed income products that are spread on treasury bonds, zero-coupon bonds, corporate bonds alongside the hybrid markets of convertibles and international bonds. Our range of access is structured based on our underlying potential of markets and our debt market investors are syndicate through our collateralized fund obligations. Our range of market potential ranges investment grade bonds, foreign bonds, medium term notes, high yield corporate bonds and securitized bonds, structured notes, asset backed securities and other structured products. 

Our core capabilities speak to the creation of specialised ventures with a global outlook. The key to investments is our capacity to work in tandem with global capital markets; a purview undertaken to manage a global need of alternative capital; capital that is flexible while being well defined & risk mitigated. The ventures are poised in a manner to providing our investor base access to global assets and underlying pools and portfolios of highly potent derivatives; while keeping the highest degree of underwriting capacities to risk transfer, manage and providing our investor base for secure fixed income potential while investing in mid-high yield portfolios. 

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Capital Markets Capacities

In conjunction with two of the world's largest institutional banking partners; the Family Offices have developed a strong alliance with major banking and institutional partners providing liquidity to our capital markets venture to acquiring large scale corporations in the banking and financial markets alongside structured liquidity to our collateralised fund obligations to underpinning asset backed derivatives and securities. With a current AUM of the partner institutions of the GNCH exceeding 300 Billion USD and full scale commercial and private banking capacities; Emmar has a massive draw down potential based on our underwriting capacities. 

Private Banking Partnership 

The GNCH and its UBO; EMFAM OFFICES;  host a strategic relation with highly sophisticated private banks with cumulative 80 years of banking experience and over 30 Billion USD in AUM; The Family office major capital management partners bring a wealth of experience and asset optimisation structures through to liquidity management across the asset classes. The structures are managed through our fully owned Asset Management downstream verticals providing a structured liquidity option to the Family Owned businesses looking to raising tactical capital. 

Governed under the SEC, FINRA and full capacity banking and securitises management capacities; the Family Office partnership brings to life a wide solution base to active liquidity origination and management on alternative assets worldwide.


Overview on  the capital markets regulated trading buy-sell desk; Qualified Institutional Investor Base.


Bespoke Advisory & Services, Integrated Solutions & Management


Overview on the EMFAM Venture; Domicile India. Focused on India, Emerging Asia & Developing African Markets


Specialised Investments in Alternative Ventures &. Exotics; managed under a bespoke white label portfolio management.


Origins of EMMAR; the roots of the Family Business & Expansions


Overview on the EMFAM owned Real Estate Development Fund. Focused on Destination Estate Developments. Global Purview Estate Investments & Developments