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Investments & Acquisitions

Primary venture established under an Offshore Holding Company with globally regulated underlying Investment Management houses with a core focus in investing across a diverse market spectrum. The EM'FAM owned Investment Platforms are capitalised by Global Debt Capital Markets with a series of White Label funds & a waterfall  sub-fund structure focused on investing in acquiring a range of assets both physical & dematerialised. The umbrella structure is defined as a fund of hedge funds with downstream hedge funds investing in private equity, structured hybrid debt portfolios, equities. Special vehicles also focus on portfolio construction through assimilation of yielding assets in the fields of luxury hospitality, healthcare [real estate], power generation [renewables]. 


Commodity Trade

Specialised downstream venture owned by the Family Offices as a merchant trading company, the venture is established to trade in a wide array of global commodity products of steel, scrap, and other select products. A sector agnostic merchant trading company which has been developed to creating a large scale business model that enhances a balance sheet model for growth and sustainability. Commodity trade has been a major part of our flagship which has been resurrected with current capacities exceeding 400,000 MT in Steel for 2022 alongside other major commodity requirements. The trading arm is sector agnostic in the sense of its capacity to remain a merchant trader and with a global network existing our capacities to bridge trades and the finances for the same makes us a unique player in the global markets. 

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Core Developments

The Company's flagship is being restructured to develop physical assets in Infrastructure with a view of fixed income potential. Our global technology partners spanning POSCO, GE and other major development partners; we are in the process of establishing the new age venture to develop sustainable power generation assets globally. With a core focus in Asia for developments and acquisitions without any market restrictions; EMMAR HOLDINGS will be launched during the course of the year 2022. 


Primary Venture...

The Emmar Family Offices is structured for a core business in investing and acquiring global assets. The Family Offices invest through a series of White Labels & Investment Trusts. 

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