Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings

Global Investments in Institutional Assets; GNCH offers a wide range of capital liquidity to well defined asset backed securities. Focused on investment grade issuances; GNCH hosts a primary focus in investing with fixed income potential alongside acquisitions of global businesses in banking, asset management & alternative institutional markets. 



Buy-Sell Trade & Management; operated under our Umbrella Fund of Hedge with a specialised range of fully owned trading desks and regulated through the FCA. 


Structured Acquisitions focused on Fixed Income Asset Portfolios. A global market range of asset backed securities and convertibles originating from the markets of Infrastructure ranging Power, Energy Assets, Real Estate Spanning Luxury Hospitality and Destination Estates; Institutional ranging Asset Management Corporations, Private Banks and Other Alternative Markets. 


Buy Sell Trades to the capital markets secondary space; solutions in credit enhancements, credit risk management, structured solutions to underwriting complex or illiquid asset portfolios with future cash potential; our structured advisory arm provides a comprehensive end to end solution to the markets of liquidity offerings. 

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01/19 - 01/23

International Debt Instruments comprising bonds, medium term notes, long term notes, structured notes and securitized issuances, insurance linked securities, credit enhanced debt, synthetic asset backed securities, collateralized mortgage, debt, loan obligations, default swaps, pass through securities. 

LIQUID is established to buy-sell global securities and hosts a global network of QIBs to our secondary trade positions. Liquid hosts a network of prime brokerage and trade desks depending on the structure of placement modules being adopted. 

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01/19 - 01/23

Structured asset backed securities, bank portfolio debt, equity, loan obligations and pools; listed equities and investment grade corporate equity securities; LIQUID hosts a bespoke placement module for private placement requirements. 



01/19 - 01/23

LIQUID is supported by global Prime Brokerage partners for asset management, custodian and placement services. Our solutions include a private placement solution for global liquid debt instruments and structured paper including insurance linked securities and other synthetic paper including and not restricted to investment grade mortgage pools for security pass through modules; credit enhancements, structured guaranty offerings and credit risk underwriting. 

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Pass through securities; managed through our regulated range of credit backstop and guaranty packages

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Private Placement of Debt 

& Equity Capital Market Instruments

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Structured M&A Financing and Investments

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Structured placement f Insurance & ReInsurance products on select cash flow potential and Asset Securities

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Full Service underwriting with credit default management, shortfall risk management, geopolitical risk management

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Sale - Lease Back solutions for luxury commodities and products. 



Bonds ranging Corporate Listed/Securitized; Medium Term Notes, Long Term Notes, Structured Debt Instruments, Credit Default Swaps & Enhancements, Convertible Bonds, Treasury. 



Asset Backed Securities issued through synthetic Infrastructure & Real Estate Trusts form a major forum of our investment ideologies. Backed with requisite pass through securities & credit enhancers. 


Structured Notes

Bespoke Debt notes issued by Financial Institutions ranging banks and other development and asset management, private equity institutions. 


Financial Architecture

Gosakan Narayanan Capital Advisory provides a full range of regulated structures and solutions to global corporations and Governments in structured capital liquidity infusions and management. 

Multi-Strategy Investments

Global Multi Strategy Investments; Emmar is one of India's premiere Family Offices. Unique construction of portfolios and solely managing its private wealth along with a high degree of impact investments ideology and positions. Our current global purview exceeds 3 Billion USD. 

Structured Credit

Investing in a range of structured credit markets, debt instruments & hybrids. Securities range from the markets of infrastructure, real estate & institutional capital markets. Asset Backed Securities, Collateralized Obligations [Debt, Loan, Mortgage or Funds]; Convertibles and Default Swaps [Index].  

Cash flow priority to analysis in strategies adopted for management of structural complexity. Our global investments are developed on stringent guidelines to selection & construction of portfolios. 


Income producing debt & preferred equity capital market instruments; a wide range across the markets in bonds [corporate, treasury & securitized], medium & long term notes; structured issuances; bespoke convertibles and acquisition modules. 



Gosakan Narayanan Capital Holdings